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Today’s post highlights a 2 part interview series that I took part in recently.

A little while back, Nicholas over at Financial Fanny Packreached out to ask me to take part in a post he was compiling titled, “Financial Advice from Personal Finance Bloggers.”

The interview consisted of 8 questions, with each question geared towards giving advice to help out reader’s with their financial situation. Since that’s my biggest vision for Spills Spot, of course I was excited to take part in the project.

The most awesome part about this 2 post series was that Nicholas contacted 25 personal finance bloggers to take a part in it. At first he wasn’t expecting very many responses, but as it turns out, 22 out of the 25 bloggers responded with a total of 95 answers and over 8,000 words!! Pretty incredible.

While my favorite aspect of blogging is being able to inspire others, a close second is being in such an awesome community of personal finance bloggers! People are always encouraging, commenting on each other’s blogs, sharing each other’s posts on social media, cheering each other on towards their goals, and many other examples of a tight-knit community.

Financial Advice from Personal Finance Bloggers Part 1 features questions about what bloggers would have done differently with their finances, what millennials are doing wrong, what people can do to start off on the right foot for their finances, and whether it’s better to first pay off debt or build up savings.

Financial Advice from Personal Finance Blogger Part 2 features questions about where bloggers would attribute their financial success to, the most important things they’ve learned that weren’t taught in schools, what advice they’d give to people struggling financially, and what source of financial information they would most recommend.

Both of these posts are very long, but they’re packed full of extremely useful financial advice. I have no doubt that you’ll gain tremendous value from reading them. It was an honor to participate in this project alongside so many of the top personal finance bloggers out there!

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