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Personal finance postsĀ helping people take control of their money. Focus on paying off debt, budgeting, saving money, & building wealth to live a life of freedom.

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Learn from People Smarter Than You

Find people who have reached the levels you're working towards and learn from them. Spend time with people smarter than you. Challenge yourself and continually grow your skills to improve.
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How My Dad Finally Got Me to Read Investing Books

Our attitudes and perceptions about money are often shaped by our background. Since financial education rarely ever happens in schools, a lot of our learning comes from our parents. This is my dad's creative way for getting me to read books about investing.
chains of debt

What I Hate Most About Debt

Most of the time I try to stay positive about our remaining student loans, but this post details the aspect I hate most about still having debt...

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An Easy Way to Boost Your Productivity

In this day and age, it seems like stress has become an accepted part of life. While I'm all in favor of the hustle, it's important to not just work harder, but to also work smarter. Part of the way I've been able to balance everything I have going on in life is by implementing certain systems. Here are some of the systems I use...