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money in checking account

How Much Money Should You Keep in Your Checking Account?

In order to work towards your goals, a beneficial first step is to make sure your financial setup is well organized. Part of this setup is your main checking account. How do you determine the right amount of money to keep in your checking account?

figure out your purpose

What’s Your Why?

You can learn all the money tips there are, but if you never apply them you won't see any positive change in your life. Before even trying to implement positive changes it's important to figure out your reason for doing so. This post discusses how to find your "why" that drives you in your life...

holiday gift shopping

The Best Gifts for People Difficult to Shop For

I’m one of those people who has trouble figuring out what to tell people I want for Christmas. I no longer “need” a long list of material possessions. It might seem like I’m a very difficult person to find gifts for, when actually it's easier than you might think. Here are the best gifts to get the people in your life who seem to be the most difficult to shop for...

christmas gifts on budget

How to Give Holiday Gifts on a Budget

The holidays are a time filled with decorations, family gatherings, and festive music. However, often times the focus of the season ends up being on the giving and receiving of gifts. Read about how to find holiday gifts on a budget...

stop focus on what you can't control

Stop Focusing on What You Can’t Control

There are a lot of circumstances in life that our out of our control. One of my favorite parts of personal finance is that it's one of the rare areas of life where we do have some control...

lessons from student loans

5 Reasons Why I’m Thankful for My Student Loans

I love the whole spirit of Thanksgiving, reflecting on everything we have to be grateful for. It may sound strange, but I'm actually thankful for my student loans. Read more about the positives that I've learned throughout my experience of paying off student loan debt...

pay off debt or invest

Is it Better to Pay Off Debt or Invest?

This is one of the burning questions in the personal finance community. In this post I detail the key aspects to consider for both choices of accelerating debt repayment or increasing investment contributions, and explain the decision we've employed with our own finances...

joy through generosity

Finding Joy Through Generosity

Packing up to move recently has reaffirmed that there's so much more to life than money and possessions. True joy is found through generosity and helping as many people as possible.

financial planning

How Planning Ahead Can Save Money

Our culture is so focused on having everything immediately. On the one hand, convenience is increased and time is saved. On the other hand, its costing us all a lot of extra money. Simply planning ahead before making purchases can avoid a lot of wasted money...

food costs

9 Easy Ways to Lower Food Costs

Eating on a budget can seem daunting at first, but it doesn't need to be so difficult. Read about 9 easy ways to lower your food costs...

building wealth

The Quickest Way to Achieve Wealth

Remember the last time you got some unexpected cash? If you're like most Americans, your mind immediately jumped to what you could spend the money on. Learn what you can do instead, to build wealth quickly.

apps for organization

7 Best Apps to Improve Organization & Productivity

Nowadays, there are countless mobile apps that all claim to make our lives better. So how do we decide which ones to incorporate into our daily routine and which ones to avoid? Here are the best apps to help you be more organized and productive in everything you do...

mint budgeting app

How I Utilize Mint for Our Monthly Budget

An inside look at how I use Mint for our monthly budgeting and how you can too with minimal effort. Most people will concede that they should know where their money is going, so why don't more people budget their expenses? This post can help tear down the hurdles that people encounter during the initial set-up...

personal finance

3 Reasons You Should Care More About Personal Finance

Most people get caught up in a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle with no end in sight. This often occurs due to poor financial habits, and an unwillingness to learn. Many people work 40+ hours per week to make money, yet won't spend even ONE hour per week learning about how to manage it properly. Why don’t more people care about managing their money properly and adapting effective financial habits?