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Use Your Platform to Help Others

Wherever you're at in life, you can make a positive impact. We need to focus on helping others. Some recent examples of positive NFL stories.
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The Best Gifts for People Difficult to Shop For

I’m one of those people who has trouble figuring out what to tell people I want for Christmas. I no longer “need” a long list of material possessions. It might seem like I’m a very difficult person to find gifts for, when actually it's easier than you might think. Here are the best gifts to get the people in your life who seem to be the most difficult to shop for...

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How to Give Holiday Gifts on a Budget

The holidays are a time filled with decorations, family gatherings, and festive music. However, often times the focus of the season ends up being on the giving and receiving of gifts. Read about how to find holiday gifts on a budget...

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Finding Joy Through Generosity

Packing up to move recently has reaffirmed that there's so much more to life than money and possessions. True joy is found through generosity and helping as many people as possible.